MFERD Upcoming Events




Every Monday to Wednesday

06:40 AM

Tafseer Surah Yusuf by Dr. Sajid Falahi

Every Thursday to Saturday

06:40 AM

Tafseer Surah Hujurat by Dr. Mushtaq Rashshadi

Every Sunday

06:40 AM

Parents Series by Dr. Syed Misbahuddin

10th February (Thursday) 07:00 AM How to Conduct Meetings? by Dr. Syed Burhan
11th February  (Friday) 07:00 AM AMC Topic Series - Collaboration - Dr. Syed Burhan
11th February  (Friday) 10:00 AM Invisible Forces of a School by Dr. Syed Misbahuddin
12th February  (Saturday) 07:00 AM Ladies (Sister from Kashmir)
12th February (Saturday) 12:00 NN Students Program - Parallel Girls & Boys
14th February  (Monday) 07:00 AM Action Research by Mr. Abdul Baseer
15th February (Tuesday) 07:00 AM Adolescence by Mr. Ghufran
16th February (Wednesday) 07:00 AM Mashwera
16th February (Wednesday) 12:00 NN Students Program - Parallel Girls & Boys
5th & 6th March  (SAT-SUN) 09:00 AM Millat Ulama Conference (Begaluru)
3rd & 4th April  (SAT-SUN)
09:00 AM East Zone Meeting (Tentative)
3rd & 4th June (SAT-SUN) 09:00 AM North East Zone Meeting (Tentative)
3rd & 4th August (SAT-SUN) 09:00 AM South Zone Meeting (Tentative)
3rd & 4th October (SAT-SUN) 09:00 AM Central Zone (Tentative)
18th & 19th November 09:00 AM 18th Annual Millat Conference (Tentative)

MFERD has been organizing Educational conferences every year since its inception.                           

The MFERD conference is a confluence of educationists, scientists, doctors, academicians, researchers, members of the schools management, teachers, Ulama and well-wishers of the community from India and abroad having a common goal of providing and sharing solutions to the various challenges faced by Muslim managed institutions.

It is also a forum for sharing of experiences, presentation of views, setting up of guidelines and gaining inspiration from the efforts and achievement of other Muslim schools.

MFERD conferences provide opportunities to :

  • Learn from innovations in the field of education within India and abroad.
  • Discuss issues, developments, opportunities, ideas in the field of Education.
  • Network with schools with the common vision or facing similar challenges.
  • Present case studies of the schools that have reached a level of Excellence in Education.

In addition to the annual conference, state wise programs are also being conducted to connect and benefit more schools.