MFERD Upcoming Events




Every Monday to Wednesday

06:40 AM

Tafseer Surah Yusuf by Dr. Sajid Falahi

Every Thursday to Saturday

06:40 AM

Tafseer Surah Hujurat by Dr. Mushtaq Rashshadi

Every Sunday

06:40 AM

Parents Series by Dr. Syed Misbahuddin

10th February (Thursday) 07:00 AM How to Conduct Meetings? by Dr. Syed Burhan
11th February  (Friday) 07:00 AM AMC Topic Series - Collaboration - Dr. Syed Burhan
11th February  (Friday) 10:00 AM Invisible Forces of a School by Dr. Syed Misbahuddin
12th February  (Saturday) 07:00 AM Ladies (Sister from Kashmir)
12th February (Saturday) 12:00 NN Students Program - Parallel Girls & Boys
14th February  (Monday) 07:00 AM Action Research by Mr. Abdul Baseer
15th February (Tuesday) 07:00 AM Adolescence by Mr. Ghufran
16th February (Wednesday) 07:00 AM Mashwera
16th February (Wednesday) 12:00 NN Students Program - Parallel Girls & Boys
5th & 6th March  (SAT-SUN) 09:00 AM Millat Ulama Conference (Begaluru)
3rd & 4th April  (SAT-SUN)
09:00 AM East Zone Meeting (Tentative)
3rd & 4th June (SAT-SUN) 09:00 AM North East Zone Meeting (Tentative)
3rd & 4th August (SAT-SUN) 09:00 AM South Zone Meeting (Tentative)
3rd & 4th October (SAT-SUN) 09:00 AM Central Zone (Tentative)
18th & 19th November 09:00 AM 18th Annual Millat Conference (Tentative)


Past Annual Conferences
  2021   17th AMC Education Disrupted - Decoding Challenges, Exploring Opportunities  Chennai
  2020   16th AMC Education Next, Navigating Change! ( 1st Virtual Conference) Online
2019 15th AMC Bridging the Gap, Connecting, Engaging & Contributing Delhi
2019 14th AMC Challenges Ahead, Are we Prepared? Hyderabad
2018 13th AMC Are our Schools firmly anchored? Chennai
2017 12th AMC Can Schools build relationships? Bangalore
2016 11th AMC Can Schools Lead the Way? Malegaon
2015 10th AMC Education Redefined Mysore
2014  9th AMC Schooling with a Purpose Delhi
2013  8th AMC Have you Chosen the Right Path in Education? Mumbai
2012  7th AMC Challenges in Present Day Education Hyderabad
2011  6th AMC Quality & Values in Education Chennai
2010  5th AMC Education for All Bangalore
2006  4th AMC Secular Education in Islamic Perspective Guwahati
2005  3rd AMC Human Resource Managment in Schools Hyderabad
2005  2nd AMC Total Quality Management in Schools  Kollam, Kerala 
2004  1st AMC Present Day Education Bangalore



MFERD has been organizing Educational conferences every year since its inception.                           

The MFERD conference is a confluence of educationists, scientists, doctors, academicians, researchers, members of the schools management, teachers, Ulama and well-wishers of the community from India and abroad having a common goal of providing and sharing solutions to the various challenges faced by Muslim managed institutions.

It is also a forum for sharing of experiences, presentation of views, setting up of guidelines and gaining inspiration from the efforts and achievement of other Muslim schools.

MFERD conferences provide opportunities to :

  • Learn from innovations in the field of education within India and abroad.
  • Discuss issues, developments, opportunities, ideas in the field of Education.
  • Network with schools with the common vision or facing similar challenges.
  • Present case studies of the schools that have reached a level of Excellence in Education.

In addition to the annual conference, state wise programs are also being conducted to connect and benefit more schools.