MFERD has been organizing Educational conferences every year since its inception.                           

The MFERD conference is a confluence of educationists, scientists, doctors, academicians, researchers, members of the schools management, teachers, Ulama and well-wishers of the community from India and abroad having a common goal of providing and sharing solutions to the various challenges faced by Muslim managed institutions.

It is also a forum for sharing of experiences, presentation of views, setting up of guidelines and gaining inspiration from the efforts and achievement of other Muslim schools.

MFERD conferences provide opportunities to :

  • Learn from innovations in the field of education within India and abroad.
  • Discuss issues, developments, opportunities, ideas in the field of Education.
  • Network with schools with the common vision or facing similar challenges.
  • Present case studies of the schools that have reached a level of Excellence in Education.

In addition to the annual conference, state wise programs are also being conducted to connect and benefit more schools.

14th AMC (Annual Millat Conference) 23rd, 24th and 25th December 2018 - Hyderabad.


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