What We Do

At MFERD, we sincerely believe in practical approach to leveraging educational standards of our community. Therefore, we strive to help our members:

  • Promote their schools
  • Build an educational strategy
  • Develop a robust system
  • Create nurturing Islamic environment
  • Become more productive and efficient in their work
  • Keep everyone stay focused and motivated
  • Conduct effective educational research
  • Come up with winning ideas
  • Audit their problem areas and help solve them.

MFERD Services

In sync with the vision, mission and concern for the community, we offer many services and support to our member schools on a not for profit basis.


This service is designed as part of the attempt to shift teacher training programs towards more realistic, experiential, participatory, constructivist training methods, which reflects integration Modern and Islamic Education to be implemented in the classrooms. These modules are designed to involve teachers/trainers in experiential activities that would enable them to reflect on their beliefs and assumptions regarding teaching and learning, to experience and internalize the approach promoted by MFERD, and to plan for how to bring some of these changes into their own classrooms.


These Programs are conducted in different cities before the start of the academic session. Any member of school can send their teachers to attend these programs. MFERD office will intimate the venue and date beforehand. Associated schools using MFERD curriculum can request for the Training program at MFERD offices any time during academic year as per the availability of resource persons. Associated schools can avail through

  • Annual teacher training programs scheduled across the country
  • Regular refresher trainings at the MFERD offices
  • Exclusive training program in their city in collaboration with other schools to reach a minimum number of participants to extend the benefits.
  • Curriculum Coach - Train the trainer program for schools adopting MFERD Curriculum organized on a need basis to prepare experts.



School Management and Leadership Workshop


School principals are the leaders in our school education system. They play a vital role in achieving the aim to provide quality education for our young. The main purpose of this training is to serve our community.  These leadership training programs are designed to equip and develop school principals with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitude to become competent leaders to lead schools in present scenario. Mind mapping and memory development is one of the nucleus feature of this program. 


Through the “MFERD” leadership training process, all participants will reflect on their strengths and weaknesses, and develop goals for improvement to become more effective in their professional role as principals.


School Management and Leadership Workshops are conducted once a year at “MFERD” office. The “MFERD” will inform date and venue of such program beforehand to all the associated schools.


Purpose: School Head or HM is the backbone of the school system. They need to be aligned with the vision of the management and also empowered with proper tools and techniques that will help them execute their job effectively. Most of them do not understand the factors for excellence. This program intends to motivate the HMs to aim for excellence in all fields.

The idea is that Empowering those who are closest to the students produce better decisions as per the particular needs of the students and thus improve the overall school performance.


Outcome: At the end of the training, we expect the participants to be

  1. Aware of the trends in the industry
  2. Realize the purpose of their job and the efforts required to fulfill it
  3. Understand the tools and techniques of Managing any task/project and wear the Managers Hat
  4. Confident in making decisions, solving problems, resolving conflicts and making strategies
  5. Able to influence people in getting things done with IKHLAS to achieve excellence in
    1. Academics
    2. Values / Akhlaaq
    3. Communication Skills
    4. Leadership
    5. Activities for tapping potential, honing skills and/or developing personality

Remember this workshop is beginning of your quest for excellence. It doesn’t mark the completion/accomplishment of excellence.


Preface: This workshop is a journey from inside. It has 3 stages the first being SELF thereby helping the participants realize their Strengths, Weaknesses, Preferences and Goals. Self-Awareness, Self-Motivation, Self Evaluation and Self Realization are a part of it. Second stage is TEAM WORK wherein, all skills related to team building and people management along with other day to day management shall be focused. Finally, the third stage is the for Leadership to realize the vision of the organization and become learned/well versed in decision making, etc.,


Expectation: The school management of the participants has shown confidence in the workshop and requested for an interactive training wherein their school head shall be transformed and empowered to transform the system of their school towards better schooling and excellence.

One of our major program is to design a value based curriculum for school to nurture and culture our future generations with excellence. “MFERD” is developing such curriculum to make education more effective, more relevant and of course more useful for present generation as well as for the generations to come. Curriculum is mother of all learning experience, when a child undergoes in a learning environment through academics, activities, where the assessment and interaction with teachers, students, parents will enhance the skills of the student until he/she exit from the school. 


Subsequent to years of research in Child psychology, education from Islamic perspective, and review of various curriculum; our Research team has designed Value based curriculum in accordance with National Curriculum Framework and International standards to focus on all round development of the children so that they can identify their identity, realize the need which will aid them to grow to be leaders of tomorrow.


Curriculum Support


Central Academic Research and Development Department has been setup to plan, train and monitor the implementation of MFERD curriculum in associated schools at all the levels. The Curriculum support is comprised of:

Planning – Complete system for the academic year including admission process, syllabus distribution cum tracking, benchmarking and more.

Scheduling – Calendar, Day-Year plans, Workload, Period split, Events and competitions,

Methodology – Child centric methods based on Multiple Intelligence along with research based Multi direction Islamic star approach for all subjects.

Resources – All that is needed to better implement curriculum including teacher training, teaching aids, manuals, tips for parent collaboration, etc,.

Assessment – Formative, Summative, Self, Co-Scholastic, Behavioral and Long term,

Activities – Curricular, Co-Curricular and Extra Curricular with guidelines for events,

Observation – Feedback and Research


Shariah Compliance


MFERD is complementing the efforts of individuals and organizations in achieving excellence in education within the boundaries of Islamic Shariah. MFERD guides the associated schools in running their schools under the framework of Islamic Shariah bearing in mind its aim, guidelines, the effective planning, implementation, and presentation. Any event or activity including annual day function should be on encircling development of students around the corner to enhance their communicative skills, creativity, self-confidence, and self-esteem instead of dance, music or anything prohibited in Islam.


Management Advisory


MFERD provides advice and training to existing member schools on effective governance and establishment in regards to the

  • Infrastructure
  • Legal Structure
  • Financial Structure
  • Communication Structure
  • Organization Structure and
  • Academic Structure

Member schools can take advantage of this service by registering their concerns and taking appointment with the relevant expert of the issue in their vicinity.

New School Setup Guidelines

It is worth commenting that MFERD understands the need to establish more schools that accommodate the modern and Islamic educational call for the Children. Hence we share our experiences to start pioneering schools by providing them with a step by step guideline on how to open up a school. These guidelines cover the academic as well as administrative setup right from interiors of the Premises, Furniture, Classroom measurements to hiring criteria and records or registers to be maintained.


Collateral Designing


To help our newly started member schools in association with Design Studio Works we provide service of Collateral designing which includes Logo Design, Corporate Stationery Design, Application Form, School Diary, Notebook Cover, Progress Report & Other Marketing Communications like Flyer/Handbill, Poster, Banner, Flute Board, Advertisements, Sign Board.



School Management Software

We have partnered with many software development companies to bring a comprehensive software solution that is very affordable and rich in features based on the years of experience of our members in relevant industry. This software is designed to integrate with the curriculum support service of MFERD so that communication is on the click of a button.


Student Assessment for IIT preparatione

MS Education Academy in collaboration with Rahmani – 30 by Maulana Wali Rahmani Sahab, is offering free intensive IIT-JEE coaching for 30 students based on merit. This highly focused scholarship program is purely a social responsibility work to propel minority students in the prestigious IIT colleges. MFERD is supporting this cause by recommending its members to counsel students to write this screening test. It is also providing an online portal to register students of all its members in order to assess their preparation, get detailed report of their knowledge and evaluate readiness for IIT JEE.


Other services provided:

  • Student motivation programs
  • Personality Development programs for Ulama
  • Exhibitions for Muslim Contribution
  • Support for Science Fair and Science Exhibition
  • Support for Communicative English and Language development
  • Tarbiyat Manual
  • Interschool competitions
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Frequently Asked Questions Forum
  • Training for Competitive Exams
  • Career Counseling for students